Monday, October 12, 2015

Of Hanging Posters... Again!

Some of you may know that I actually collect action figures when I come across really nice ones in the series that I like, and the same concept also applies to decorative items adorning my room, such as laminated posters. I'm by no means a serious collector, nor am I even close to the guys who do it with a burning passion. I guess you could say, just a small time hobbyist who collects what he likes.

So for no particular reason this time, I made an impromptu trip to my favourite poster supplier; just because I passed by the place on my way to the carpark LOL. Here's another 2 laminated ones which caught my eye this time:

Wolverine #1

Transformers4: Optimus Prime & Grimlock (Pop Art)

Roti prata season is here again!

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