Saturday, October 31, 2015


For those who aren't adept at deciphering Chinese characters like yours truly, the title roughly translates to 'The 17th Genting National High Poles Lion Dance Competition: Warm-Up Round'.

Back when I was just a little boy, I was already fascinated with the art of lion dancing. According to my mother, I would get really excited when I see lion dancers performing, and would rush towards them and stay fixated watching them perform. It was much later on that I got acquainted with the art of dragon dancing, but my love for lion dancing did not fade a bit even until today.

The competition took place over a span of two days, with the first heat being held in Holiday Plaza Johor Bahru on 30th October 2015 and the second heat at Plaza Sentosa Johor Bahru on the following day, both at 3pm. The teams performed to their very best, and the audience were entertained by a series of dangerous yet thrilling acrobatic stunts.

This would be a post filled with pictures, it's the next best way (second to motion picture) to admire the beauty of this traditional art form rooted deeply in Chinese culture:

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