Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Five Pawns: Symmetry Six.

Now I didn't know this was a limited edition e-liquid from Five Pawns, just like my favourite Castle Long Reserve and Black Flag Fallen, both also from Five Pawns.

Great Juice From A Great Place;
Five Pawns Symmetry Six@Lido Cloudhouse

So, I was with Zaine at Banafee Cafe tonight, and he's running low on juices. With nowhere in mind, and with him having no idea on what the next bottle is on his list, we set off on a juice hunt. Headed up north to check out the new Vapempire outlet in Perling, but it was a WTF moment when we found it closed. 12am is seriously a pretty early time for a vape outlet to call it a day.

We then set off to check out this pretty new place called Lido Cloudhouse, situated on the first level of Rooff Cafe (65, Jalan Waspada, Johor Bahru, Johor). Its actually pretty easy to locate, being in the same row as the popular Brazzo By The Bay.

If you'd ask me, this was one of the best decisions of the night, and lucky Vapempire closed up early. Heading into the place, the first thing that caught my eye... I see the familiar Five Pawns packaging in the display case. Upon closer inspection, I saw Symmetry Six, instantly recognizable as its been the hype on social media and vape communities for the past month or two. Grabbed 2 bottles at once, as Zaine wanted to check out juices from this brewer, and on the other hand, this item is hot on my die-die-must-try list; IT'S FATED!

A shoutout to the good people of Lido Cloudhouse, you guys seriously amaze me, one of the greatest service I've experienced from vape outlets, especially the sincerity, friendliness and your million dollar smiles! Now this is something you do find in JB, but its rarely found especially in vape outlets.

First impressions for this limited edition e-liquid from Five Pawns:
I taste strong notes of strawberries, creamy strawberries on the first hit accompanied by the flavour of crackers, and this is a familiar taste. Somewhat like The Milkman, but in a different class of flavour play. On the exhale, I sense vanilla and oats, but these flavours are not overpowering, its almost like its made to complement the strawberries, playing the role of enhancing the sweet notes of strawberries instead of highlighting the sourish notes often associated with this fruit. As for its aftertaste, the best description I can think of for now is that it reminds me of Kilo's Kiberry Yogurt, which is also a favourite ADV juice for me. I'm expecting this juice to deliver more flavours in time to come, as is the case with all Five Pawns juices I've tried, they're complex, and the flavours come out to play the more you vape on it. Just like one of my kakis mentioned,
"Five Pawns juices are like Guinness Stout, its an acquired taste. Give it some time, and the complex flavours start to grow on you!"

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