Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bang Bang Boom!

What an eventful day, great fodder for my 1st blog post in this brand new blog!

Right when I was spending the past few days pondering on what should be the content that centres around this long deserted blog of mine (the domain was registered but left stagnant for like what, 3 years?), this happened today that gave me a light bulb moment, this shall be my debut post!

So, it was a normal, pretty normal day where me and my mom faced the most dreadful dilemma that has been a daily affair... "What to eat ah?"

Coupled with an errand to run, we decided to just drive around looking for something to fill our stomachs that was within the vicinity of our supposed destination. Alright, lunch went on without any mishaps.

Then we decided after everything was taken care of, let's go to grandma's! Happily, we made our way there and... nothing happened, yet. (Wait for it!)

Reached grandma's place, and this was where all the magic happened.

Mom whipped out her autogate remote control, proudly proclaiming it's replaced with brand new batteries! Hoorah! 1st click of the button, nothing happened. 2nd click of the button, no action again. So, I took it into my palms, and click! The gate was open in like 3 seconds! Thank you my magical thumb! I proceeded to drive into the parking space, with my mom still feeling puzzled, "Why cannot open ah?"


Halfway through maneuvering into the lot, I heard, "Woi woi woi!"


Too late! Next thing I saw, the gates were swinging towards us. Uh-oh. I cranked the vehicle into reverse at lightning speed and floored the pedal! Too late, too late! Next came a BAM! I never braked this hard operating a vehicle in my entire life!

What's a debut post without some visual entertainment? Here's some pictures of the aftermath for your viewing pleasure, my friend:

At the end of it, guess why this happened?

Because my mom wasn't too happy with the gate opening for me on the 1st try, so she decided she just wanted to try figuring out what's wrong with the remote control unit, and it had to be done as soon as possible, ignoring the fact that the vehicle was, no pun intended, smack in the middle of the gate's swing radius. So when I asked her about it, this was the most epic answer I received:

"Don't know ler, just wanted to try try lor. Didn't cross my mind!"


Oh, as somewhat of an ending to this debut post, I'd also include my sister's response to this incident, since the vehicle in question technically belongs to her:

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