Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Flaming King Crab Platter.

I've been seeing numerous posts on my Facebook feed in regards to the Flaming King Crab Platter offered by The Manhattan FISH MARKET (that's exactly how they spelt it, like you have to scream out the FISH MARKET part of it!).

Hyped up about it, I been mentioning it for the past week, trying to convince my mom to be my dinner buddy for this. Back when I was in KL, Manhattan Fish Market had been my absolute favourite restaurant, I recall it being the first name that comes to mind whenever I get to decide on what's for dinner! Anyway, she's not a fan of non-local dishes, especially burgers and steaks, so I was both surprised yet elated when she reluctantly suggested this for dinner!

Headed to Jusco Tebrau City, as it's the nearest Manhattan Fish Market outlet from where we were. I was so looking forward to it! Sat ourselves down and pointed to the item once we were handed the menu, just like a little boy pointing at a Happy Meal at Macs hahaha.

Flaming artist at work

The Flaming King Crab Platter

How was it?

To be honest, we were very disappointed with it. And mummy had a victory smirk on her face all the while, saying, "I told you so!" It was far from what I expected, although its not a fair comparison if you put it up against the legendary Alaskan King Crab, this being the mini version of it.

However, one thing I could absolutely agree on with mummy this time; for the price we paid for this platter, which is RM 99.90, with the total bill coming up to nearly RM 150, we would be better off visiting our favourite Chinese restaurant. At the very least, it would have been a fulfilling dinner, and the crab dish would have been a few notches better than this in terms of freshness and taste, albeit being a different species of crab, and not the King Crab.

It's alright, at least with this item ticked off my list, my dinner spot selections just got simpler now!

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